Selling Exclusively or Non-Exclusively (per item) and Regular License or Extended License

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Philo01 said
We already had this chat ;) But still +1 :)

I guess its then important to mention it again as we have not received an official answer whether this is something that Envato would prioritize. I’m not saying right now as I’m sure there are other things important, but the License per item is definitely important.

The other one is just a “nice to have” :)

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This is to do with licences so im going to post it here, but i also thing extended licences should be optional per app… and it should be very easy to code.

no need for non-exclusive and exclusive thing to be on one account, it makes it the authors on here want to be exclusive if they need to have 2 accounts and stuff like that.


I would like a way to upgrade a licence, like… i bought a script off codecanyon and i knew i wanted an extended licence but im not going to spent that much to find out its not got what i want, like (server requirements, not easy to install, language not oop) so i got the regular licence but now i need to contact support to get the extended licence… its just a pain, and im sure extended licence sales would go up after that as well.

any one agree or just me.

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Just a thought that this could be problematic finding items if you have 100’s or 1000’s of individual items.