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OurWebMedia says

Hi Everyone,

I’m just learned what “SEO” stands for tonight. Learned how important it is to have a proper SEO settings as well.

I’m curious if there are any pointers that can make a website more likely to be searched by Google or another similar search engine?

I run a really small basic hosting company for friends and family. Is it idea to offer clients the ability to have SEO addons? I read that there are programs available online that can be purchased to help increase Search Engine Results through SEO .

Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks, Bryce :)

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ArikB says




Look up “Matt Cutts”

In the end simply writing good content is important also.

Understanding how google works helps but don’t over emphasize on the mechanics of SEO . If you put your title and alt attributes everywhere, specificy width/height of each image etc. etc. it’s going to help, but if the content is crap, Google won’t like you.

What you might be able to do as a hosting service is perhaps develop a tool that creates an xml map of a website and then submits that to google for easy indexing.

Most important is to stick to semantic code. Make sure you use CSS and separate your content from your markup.

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anoopsparx says

Bryce, you can read MOZ, Bettergraph/blog , Neil patel blog and other here are so many resources available on internet. let me know if you are looking to outsource SEO work and want to focus on your main business. We provide Web Design, Development, Mobile Apps, SEO services.