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ichurakov says

Hi guys,

I’ve created new plugin called “Share To Copy Content”. This plugin blocks attempts to copy content into clipboard (using Ctrl+C or through context menu) until user shares your webpage. Instead of copying it displays popup box that suggests user to like webpage on Facebook, +1 on Google, share on Twitter. If user shared your webpage, the popup will not appear again and copying function become available for that user. If user decides to not share your website and close popup box, he/she can’t copy content. You can try it here (just copy any content int clipboard).

I would like to ask your opinion, guys. Can this plugin be useful for people? Is it worthy to be distributed via CodeCanyon? Do I need to improve something to make the plugin better?

Many Thanks, Ivan Churakov

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SimpleSites4U says

May be useful, but you would have to some how also stop anyone from just highlighting the text and dragging it into a text file or whatever as well i think

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ogenox says

I would like to see that plugin here. :)