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I’m looking for the name of the technique that can sharpen an image to unreal levels because it’s using an image sequence of the same blured object. The point is to have a few different shots, all can be blurry but a logic combines them to get new data out of them thus create a sharp image. This is what you see on CSI all the time and laugh about it. The thing is, this is real but it needs MORE THAN ONE image to do the magic trick.. Apparently I do have several stills of my object that needs sharpened, I just don’t have the tool that can do it.

Click on the image and view the trailer on the page. Then you can get the idea, it’s amazing.

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So it’s real! :o

After browsing the site you’ve linked to, I found a page where they write about the technique in detail, and they called it ‘super resolution’ (and I’ve just noticed, the name is on your screenshot as well :D )

There is a wikipedia entry for it too. I think this is the term you’re looking for. :)

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Here’s a slightly crazy thought: Have you considered up-sampling the files?

It’s done like .05% at a time to increase the image size so you have a larger file to work with.

You up-size from 3000pixels to 6000 pixels, but only at .05-1.0 percent/increments at a time (a lengthy process, of course) – then you sharpen at the end, then down sample, and resharpen if needed.

Might work.

It could also be up-sampled using an actionscript, where you hit PLAY about a hundred times until you get a good enough image to sharpen at such a larger size.

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