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geetikaaryan says

I am creating a Theme (framework) for wordpress, It is almost finished. I have spent more then 3 month on it.

It is a unique type of theme, Basically my theme was created from theme developer. Added many features but very lightweight.

But I cant decide that weather I distribute it for free or sell it on market place ??? Please guide me in right direction.

If I distribute it for free, How can I earn ?? (Like everyone I also need money) :-)

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fillerspace says

You could find designers with PSD’s and convert them to WordPress using your framework and then sell them here.

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Kviko says

Well, there is a reason why you might want to distribute it for free. If your theme is great and become popular that will be really good marketing step for you that would help to earn in future.

However, it means no profit for you for now… :)