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I am looking for a frontend developer to help me redesign the frontend of a website that offers Shore Excursion services in Italy.

Unfortunately we have already paid someone to do this job on Elance. From hurry we didn’t test the code. The code is confusing and uses old technologies. It also doesn’t have a well-defined organization. A little list of examples explaining why are we redoing the frontend, why it is bad and what we expect not to see again: - Randomly pasted scripts in random places around the HTML files: don’t use scripts that do absolutly nothing just because you have no idea of what you are doing - Ancient libraries: using a library from 2008 just because you are unable to use anything else is bad - Overlapping libraries: using jquery 1.2 or jquery 1.4 is bad enought on its own because of the ancient versions. If you use both of them at the same time when you don’t know what the noconflict mode is… is even worst. - Javascript code not checked in a debugger: in some browser it is just a key away (F12 in Chrome, for example), why would you ship your work when it is clearly showing warnings and ERRORS? - repeating/overlapping CSS classes: you are supposed to show a little bit of consistency, having multiple CSS classes doing the exact same thing is a good sign that you are a bad coder - HTML style attributes: CSS are not supposed to be mixed with HTML code, if you are doing this without a very good reason you are just telling us that you are a bad coder. - randomly organized DOM: the div layers you are using are supposed to mean something, don’t just paste things until the rendering appears to make some kind of sense, it has to keep some sense in the code itself. ...or to sup up all of this: USE COMMON SENSE.

The requirements are as follows: - Bootstrap 3 based - Responsive layout - Fully working javascript automations (like form validation, transition effects, ecc…)

We are attaching our old frontend as a mockup and to show you an example of what BAD WORK is. The application will be written on top of the Django Framework, but this should not be relevant from your point of view because we are expecting a well structured frontend and so it should be backend agnostic.

Please have a look on this file “https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8yly8adqj3ad1y/Bad_Shore_Excursion_design.zip”.

Thank you, Rigers

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Hey Contact me on hayatuzair@gmail.com . I would be glad to help you with your project :)

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Hey Rigers,

Please contact me via the contact form on my profile. Also for an idea of my style of coding please review: http://wordpress.org/themes/gold

Regards Manas

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