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babeh says

In the end, it’s all about features since buyers just want to feel they’re in control.

.. but most of them just don’t know how to control it though.. most buyers, and even worse, reseller that claims being a web designer knows too little about it sometimes. they didn’t even know how to change background colors for example (I’ve read a lot in comments section of the theme) ..

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KotaroDojo says

There are plenty of very creative themes on themeforest, which seem to be designed with immense efforts, but unfortunately I only see them going up to 20 or 30 sales. Then again there are black and white themes with the most minimalistic design possible and these range over hundreds of sales (some even thousands). I guess following the principle “less is more” should be the correct thing to do. Of course when designing merely out joy and not only for money, then let your creativity explode! :D