Should files be removed if they do not work properly and the Author makes no effort to fix them?

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I am sure it has been asked before but since I am new here and I have already spend a few hundred dollars here and a few thousands paying some authors to add, improve or fix their files I would like to know what is the approach to authors that will not make an effort to fix their buggy files. I do understand the concept of custom work but cannot accept making money from selling incomplete work unless it is cleary stated that this is work in progress buy at your own risk.

Shouldn’t those files be removed if the issues are not fixed in a timely matter?

Good Experience Example: I found a few bugs on VectorFlower’s two most popular files and this guy is amazing. He fixed everything within a day. Not that I would expect everyone to be that fast.

Bad Experience Example: Then I get this other special dude that after sending him proper polite requests for about two weeks he then asks me for the files, I send them to him and then he is nowhere to be found. A simple answer like, “it will take me a week” or “I can’t figure it out” will be fine, instead of sitting here like an idiot waiting.

The strange thing is that while he will not reply to other similar requests from others, he does reply to say thanks when he gets positive remarks.

So do we request for flashden to have these files removed or do we get a refund?

I see that there is a collective effort from a lot of people here to help and it is great. But to lower the numbers, as well as possible, of members being disgruntled by getting shafted I believe flashden is required to inform the author to take care of his files and if not remove them (The Files that is).

Let me know your thoughts crowd. It might help the anguish. LOL


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Envato team

All files should be functioning correctly as per the file description—that is part of the responsibility of the reviewer who approves the file. If a file is not working as described by the author in the description, yes, you are welcome to contact who would be glad to investigate any issues for you. :)

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What I can suggest to all you buyers is to really hard test the files before to buy… the preview file is there for this reason… ask as many question about features and read with attention the description, it’s easy to see if a file is not very solid and buggy, look at the author portfolio for skills, look if the file is well made in every detail… all this things can help you understanding if a file is a quality file or not… ;-)

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A file some times when presented in flashden is not always the same as it would be set on a site. Plenty of features are not visible if they work or not unless the author guarantees they do.

Example: if the file scrolls properly in html or if dropdowns work over html in a particular browser

Also there are plenty of files that are not that well constructed within the fla as far as graphics are concerned. Basically pretty sloppy. So sometimes although the author claims that it is fully customizable what it truly means is that you need to go and clean up a mess before you can get to do any customizing.

So unless you buy it you truly don’t know what you are getting, unless your buying from authors like bobcel or vector flower to name a couple who are very good in regards to quality of work and make an effort to keep their files bug free.

I will take the advise and report a file to see if my issue gets resolved.


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