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UXbarn says


As far as I know, textdomain should be the name of author or the theme itself that is unique enough. I’m now applying the gettext function to all strings in my theme for localization purpose using the same textdomain which is “uxbarn”.

Then I thought about what if using it differently depending on each section in the theme, for example;
  • Theme Options section: “uxbarn_options”
  • Shortcodes section: “uxbarn_shortcodes”
  • CPT section: “uxbarn_cpt”
I used to try to load the strings with different textdomain using WPML plugin and I think it’s great to see those strings grouped into their own contexts and to have their own .po, .mo files.

Just wondering that should I do this?

As a buyer, what do you think? Will this benefit you?

Or I would rather have to use the same textdomain for all strings?

Thank you. :)