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owlware says

No users who have access to the dashboard are able to “Add Media” to any posts. This is accross the board in browsers and platforms. We are using a slightly (CSS only) customized Simple Mag Child Theme, and we have updated our WordPress version to 3.8. This is urgent, as this effectively leaves us dead in the water if we cannot upload any images along with our articles. Thank you, Neil

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Dzinc Staff says

Hi Neil, welcome to ThemeForest, this is a general open forum.

For specific pre-sales questions, you can interact directly with the author here. If you’ve already purchased the theme and need further assistance, don’t forget to post from the buyer account instead. Thanks.

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ThemesIndep says

Hi Neil, just found this thread. Please register at our support forum, with your purchase id which you get after you buy the theme, and we will help you to resolve any issue.

Regarding this particular topic, we don’t see any problems with the “Add Media” button with parent or child themes installed, not in WP 3.7 and not in WP 3.8. Everything is working perfectly well.