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ace2296 says

If I have a single page website and I want a section in the middle of the page to be the home page automatically how to I set the home page?

Example: Lets say I have About, Home, Services, Portfolio, Contact. I want people to start off viewing the home page and when they click About it scrolls up.

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BenSheppard says

This would be more of a question for stackoverflow, but it all depends how you do it, you could set each “section” to the height of the screen then you have to offset body by the height and voila!

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pezflash says

There are many ways of approaching, maybe the simplest one is creating all your sections on divs with id/class, then hide and position all with js on init, then make them appear (.animate) on menu through a custom js function taking each id. That’s how i built my single page template. I don’t mind to send you just the core structure, if you want.