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0ldfart says

I have kind of an unusual requirement for a theme.

I need a theme that has no menus, and that will allow me to put a large banner-graphic the top

The site is just a single page to sell a product.

The thing is, I can use themes, but dont know how to change them for these features, which is why Im looking for a very straightforward theme that will allow me to do these two things:

1. No menus 2. Put a large banner graphic at the top that wont be impeded by menus, search box, or anything else.

Can anyone suggest a theme that will do these things?

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pixelentity says

Hi Oldfart,

They are not wordpress but you could take a look at the landing page category. Most of thes themes are set up in the way you describe.

We have one for sale in our portfolio which has no menu and has a large banner area at the top and is design for product promotion. You can see it here.



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JamiGibbs says

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