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ArnieY says

I have read through the entire help file several times that came with business box the template I bought. I use adobe dreamweaver and have built a few sites from that so I feel kinda not so smart for not being able to figure this out. Basically, the html file thaat comes with the template contains a ton of stuff, it seams that when I load the index template it links then dw displays the code then I save and I have the basics set up. But it also has some very basic instructions for making the layer slider function and accordian drop down menus, along with the code. For the life of me I cant figure out where to place this code, or if it is already in the index files, for example when I launch the live site from dw the links seem to work…It says I can contact him but that it will take 24 to 48 hours for a response. Can anybody here help?

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trendyWebStar says

Contact me, and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.. There’s a ton of emails, but I’ll do my best. :)

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ArnieY says

Sent the email still haven’t heard from you if you could respond I would appreciate it I apologize I am new to dreamweaver and b development in general I have mad some progress but still need some help I assume that you template is designed for someone with more development experience at this point I am considering purchasing a different template with better step by step instructions, although I prefer to learn how to make your template work for me as I like its layout and functions…the part I am struggling with at the moment is how to link my site together in the format I want…for example I would like to create four different two column portfolio pages from the drop down menu under portfolio using dreamweaver…I was able to change portfolio to solutions and change the drop down selections to what I want processing terminals point of sale etc, but I am running into a few issues. First I changed the name from two column portfolio to point of sale and linked the drop down point of sale selection to my new file, but the changes I made to the index in regards to the drop down and main menu did not roll over to my new point of sale page, which I created from the two column template. Also the two column template is now gone I figured since I saved it as point of sale that two column portfolio would still be available so that I could customize them for my additional categories like a page for terminals and credit card processing but it looks like my new save removed the two column portfolio template page…I am making all changes in dreamweaver. Also my page does not fill the s teen when I launch it in the browser…I have read through hundreds of hours of dreamweaver tutorials and videos but everything they have seems to be starting from scratch or with one of their templates…are there any limitations in dreamweaver in regards to your template I should be aware of? Please help thx…I want to make clear that I am happy with the Template I feel I is probably designed for someone with more experience than myself my intention is to learn…but I may need to go another direction…is dreamweaver the best tool for this?

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charlie4282 Moderator says

I can point you in the right direction with most of that if you send it in a list via my profile – its not too complicated

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