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colorit says

Strange …

I can purchase here themes for Wordpress, but it is not possible to purchase plugins for one and the same tool: Wordpress.


OK, but then in the consequence, themes should also not be allowed to sell :-P

Very strange … don’t understand the sense … :-(

I can get a lot of free themes around the WWW , but most you can forget … not updated, full of errors, looking very antiquated. So I decided to buy here, because here I get up-to-date themes, proofed, updated, and very good looking styles. For this fact, I’m willing to pay for it.

Also I’m willing to pay for plugins, that do not exist and would make my life with Wordpress easier.

The possibility to sell premium themes is ok, but selling premium plugins not … That’s beyond my understanding …

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prudat says

I just think the threat of people stealing stuff shouldnt be a reason to do something there are tons of successful money making GPL products. GPL does not mean free.

I can only imagine the great ideas that are untapped here based on the quality of the other files.