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bowsprit says

I am getting increasing nervous with the slow server response times. It can take 3 mins to download licence certificates. Some pages dont download at all. Purchase times are also very very slow. This is not what you want to see when you are parting with hard earned money.

The most common url offender seems to be 2.envato-static.com

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bangingthemes says

Things do seem a little slow at times recently…

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ayman01 says

I agree. All of envatos sites are extremely slow. I thought it was my computer and internet connection. But I went to a buddys house who has faster internet and it is still slow.

What gives?

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sevenspark Volunteer moderator says

Everything is very fast for me. As suggested by bowsprit, it’s possible there are slow nodes in the CDN causing the issue. You may want to report the issue to http://support.envato.com so they can investigate.