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sanchezenschede says

HI, we recently purchased the Smart-Mag theme and have a question.

On our test homepage we use 2 blocks but those are not beautifull in line because the text is cut off after 21 words. Some words are longer than others so the first block has 4 rows of text en the second only 3 rows of text.

My idea is to count the characters instead of the words. Is this easy to fix and where can we do this?

Kind regards, Richard Sanchez

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KingDog Envato team says

Hello :) Have you tried clicking on that item’s support tab? http://themeforest.net/item/smartmag-responsive-retina-wordpress-magazine/6652608/support

It looks like that author provides support via their own support forum. A link is provided in the link above. They may be able to have some suggestions on your word length problem :) Thanks!