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Here is a suggestion Drew, add an automatic response that says ” We get a lot of tickets, if we did not reply to your, the problem has been solved and did not require a reply, if you did need additional information, please contact us back…
Or an automatic reponse saying that the support ticket has been recieved, tell you what ticket ID it is, which deparment is handling it and the priority level.

...oh wait, that’s exactly what they do. :p

If you read, Pixus isn’t moaning about how long it takes – he is saying that he isn’t getting the automatic response emails. Pixus, I still get them fine – maybe its your spam filter…?

On a geeky note, your maths assumes a 100% active community. Considering the tickets have ascending IDs – you can much more accurately figure out how many tickets there are each day by looking at previous support tickets, comparing the difference between the two IDs and dividing it over the number of days between the two tickets.

I make it about 4000 a month, or about 130 a day. This only takes into account new tickets, and not ongoing support (one ticket may require several responses) – but still it seems a lot lower than your figures make out.

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Envato team

Devs are looking into this matter. Please be patient.