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MySpinLight says

I am building a wordpress social networking site for a niche userbase and I am looking for a theme that will allow users to rate each other based on a series of criteria.

For example let’s say it was a social networking site for street car racers:

A user would be able to Log in to his account, go to another users profile page, and rate his “skills”. The rater would only be able to rate this other person if the person had accepted his “friend request” and they were connected.

The rating would show up prominently on each users profile page and would in essence let other users know how good they are. I would also like it if I could then rank users so that the top rated users would be at the top of the rankings.

I am new to themeforest and am not so sure which theme, or plugins I should purchase. Any recommendations will be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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agusmu says

BuddyPress plugin (+ some buddypress extensions) will do this job. Envato runs BuddyPress contest now http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/envatos-most-wanted-buddypress-bbpress-themes/117049 . So, it is better for you to check all submitted BuddyPress themes on Feb 5th on ThemeForest.