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chrisatlemon says

hi all,

My latest item was soft rejected. The reviewers was message was:

“The file has an interesting start and it could be ready soon but you need to put more work into its overall look and feel, it looks simplistic and generic. The typography needs improvements as well.”

Here is a preview of my file, a stationery set with invoice:


Now, reading the reviewers message I wonder why this is soft rejected and not hard rejected? His critique seems to suggest that actually pretty much everything is wrong with this, I need to rework the entire look and feel and the typography. So what’s actually right with it? And why is it a soft rejection and not a hard rejection?

Because if I rework the look and feel and typography basically I’m creating a completely new file. I mean the file doesn’t have anything else! It’s supposed to be a very clean stationery set. So again why is this a soft rejection which suggests that there are only details missing when basically he’s asking me to redo the entire thing?



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Demorfoza says

Looks quite good for me, consider asking your reviewer for more explanation or a bit of help, suggestion or something.

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mihaimcm says

When i first sow it I was thincking test exam,the way you placed the objects maybeah is the problem…,i mean where u put the logo and the other sub texts… the font look good…