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torilion says


I noticed some of the icons I use on my website based on the panic station theme, no longer show correctly on current Google Chrome browser. When I put the site online it all worked fine on tests for multiple browsers and still the icons do show on IE etc. On Chrome I just get some empty block/square instead of the icon. When I edit the page and icon in WP on Chrome, during editing I can see in the icons list some icons don’t show there as well (only as blocks; for example the phone icon), while in WP editing in IE they do all show properly. Who knows what can be wrong and what can be done to fix this?

Regards, Roland

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SuggeElson says

Usual you need to contact author – http://themeforest.net/user/pixelthrone?WT.ac=item_profile_text&WT.seg_1=item_profile_text&WT.z_author=pixelthrone

I belive this is 1 min fix you doing something wrong, but if you want to get help share the url with your version.