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DP-designs says

I tried to publish post in which I told I’m looking someone to sell my PSD template rights for WP and HTML. And topic was locked with kind reply from staff :).

I’m just wondering is there some other way to find some developers who would like to buy rights to code some templates that are accepted?

I’m not asking to someone calls here, just wondering where to find them :)?

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NestoLab says

If you are a designer:

You must have an approved psd template and if the developer like it he will contact you to sell him your rights. ( The price is between you and the developer ).

And if you are a developer:

You will explore the psd category and maybe you will like one of the designs there, and in this case you will contact the author and ask him about his rights price. ( The price is between you and the designer ).

This how it work here.