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ShahX says
graphcoder said
xstortionist said
We all make mistakes. We cannot be correct 100% of the time. Cut the staff some slack here!

we dont have to be correct all the time. the idea here is to make mistake and learn from it and simply update ourselves. and if i am not wrong, this specific mistake has happened before, i still remember , few months ago when i was browsing around i saw a vector art maybe it was of a skateboarder . so that preview image was very large scaled.

i am not blaming anybody here, i know how hard the reviewers work just to ensure the quality of OUR works from which WE earn MONEY not to mention GOOD WILL from , but at the same time i also do believe that its not too much to ask not to make the same mistake twice.

Well Said!!! :D And Finally My item is Up now with new Preview image :)

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ConstantinPotorac Reviewer says

Errors happen. We are humans after all :)

Because there were so many logo submissions we got a bit crowded with reviews these last few days. :)