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kops says

Anyone else getting one tomorrow? I haven’t been excited for a new phone launch for a long time but this one looks fantastic!

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StaticNova says

Looks great, was going to wait for it but decided to grab the Nexus 4 instead. Looks like the split with Ericsson have done wonders for Sony Mobile.

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kristopherfisheraudio says

I work part-time for O2 Mobile here in the UK, and it has just came to our stores, in fact the release is today for us. The phone is great and is a rival to the Galaxy S3, Xperia T, Nexus 4 and iPhone5. However don’t count on it being waterproof. Sony are advertising this heavily but the truth is until you have the little flaps closed on the SD card and other output/inputs then it will die a horrible death like any other phone coming into contact with water. In fact it has water damage stickers EVERYWHERE!

Aside from that, as a smart phone its great, perhaps a little big though.