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Aaron Sorkin (guy behind The social network) is a very talented writer, yet, he tends to “recycle” a lot of his dialogues in various Scripts. Check it out here to see it on Youtube.

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Aaron Sorkin (guy behind The social network) is a very talented writer, yet, he tends to “recycle” a lot of his dialogues in various Scripts. Check it out here to see it on Youtube.
Steve Jobs was quoted by Walter Isaacson in his book. He wrote Steve Jobs was originally going to have Aaron Sorkin write the graduation speech that’s filled with quotes I still carry inside as I liv life. Here’s that commencement speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1R-jKKp3NA (only 7 million views) I don’t know Aaron Sorkin, but I understand from working in “Hollywood” for a long time that the stuff he’s credited for creating contains specific thoughts that matter to him, and also thoughts that he seems to feel matter to the audience… and that matters in the business that we are in. The fact that Steve Jobs would have had Aaron Sorkin write that speech, in my mind, it makes it fine for his shows to utilize similar or verbatim combinations of words in his shows.

I write at least a million words per year, most of these thoughts and ideas are written anonymously, but they are utilized in content which becomes part of conversations via popular content that real people absorb. I can guarantee that there are sentences that are repeated because they are words that seem to emotionally connect with listeners and viewers. Some of these sentences are repeated without me realizing I repeated them verbatim.

It’s like Journalism which I still respect. Earlier in my career when I had chosen to anchor news for a while, I realized that even on the network level, the editors that wrote the news still had opinions and inner thoughts in their hearts. With the kind of influence that Aaron Sorkin has, he’s doing what a lot of the Journalists would do in the same position: He’s embedding influence that matters to him, and other influence that matters to the viewer. With the launch of the show with Walter Isaacson (Head of Aspen Institute), Huffington Post, The Atlantic at Aspen Ideas Festival during the time when all were mentioning the term Sorkinisms, Aaron Sorkin had the courage to admit to it.

When my name becomes associated with what I do, I’ll admit to my repeats as well.

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