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Creattive says


Thank you, I really appreciate your informations here.

Yes, I’m talking of a “baked” logo-sound, not single sound fx.

I’m looking for a good library to start with, that allows me to build a logo-sound out of many soundfx and sell that audio file on audiojungle.

Can you or anyone else suggest me some or give me a point to start looking? If the licence part isn’t clear I will contact the creator, but now I just want to know some good libraries :)

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GhosTeam says

Hi Guys, I’m creating all my audio tracks using Ableton Live. I’ve been working with it for a long time and basically any software will do as long as you have good VSTs along with it. Logic is awesome (for Mac), Reason is nice but doesn’t work with VSTs.

I use it also to create sound FX, from swishes to noises ..using Filters…you can find tons of tutorials about it in youtube :)! also ! sometimes I record my FX with a microphone and work the sound in Ableton.

Oh and about libraries I really like Camel Studio’s Alchemy..it has alot of good “Logoish” sounds, and another good VST which isn’t sample-based but has great abilities is the Cakewalk Z3TA+