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Dealazer says

Would like to know if they are good, i supposely wanted to have something is wrog with the tv on an comedy cinema movie, but space disaster is also kinda very good, could had been like the space busters movie, like having ghostbusters in the space.

I will be making more special tracks, but before that I really need too see some sales on these tracks, if you like to buy I would really like to have yours opinion, they are really good tracks even for special movies, but I don’t undestand why these tracks haven’t sold anything yet. That’s why I’m making this thread, too see if someone is interested?

http://audiojungle.net/item/space-disaster/406764 http://audiojungle.net/item/something-is-wrong-with-the-tv/407479

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SiliconWorldAD says

I think it’s good, I could see it being used in an inner-city or club scene of a movie. You might want to think about market saturation for that particular style of track, see where it comes up in search results, maybe modify the tags. Your issue with it could also be the answer, it seems that many people’s success comes from simply uploading a ton of stuff until they get a sale and build up a reputation and have a inner connected system of their products for customers to view.