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nope, we are not promoting them at all. This is the next thing we want to do, as soon as we have some time.
Yes! Start promoting (outside GR :) ) and you will see the difference.

But that is an entirely diffferent point. The point I was making was about pure Envato traffic!

173 to 34, 314 to 105 in the space of one month where before it was stable. ... this is not slowly dipping traffic. This is WAY off the chart.

If you promote outside there could be millions of reasons. But again, I’m not complaining about slow sales or hits. I am talking about a huge dip in pure Envato traffic. And it is undeniable.

I think Envato has reached a critical mass where besically exposure of our files has become minimal. It’s too fast and too high volume now. Your files are just one in a million, like any other established stock site- whereas before having files here just by itself was already a good promotion in itself!

Now what you do outside of Envato in promotions is an entirely different piece of cake. But for that you don’t need Envato in any case! So that’s a statistic apart!

Again, I am not complaining! I know this is the nature of things, and I have been expecting this. I was however surprised about the drastic numbers so suddenly in the space of just weeks! That was the purpose of the post :)



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I saw some people ref to my items :| Do you get money for ref click-through? Or only when someone purchases? how does this work?

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I saw some people ref to my items :| Do you get money for ref click-through? Or only when someone purchases? how does this work?

They will get 30% of their First Item Purchase or Deposit they make.

So lets say…the user they refered…purchased your $6 item, they will keep 30% of it. If the user donated $10 they still keep 30% of it. They just try to make some money by trying to get you sales, or sometimes getting others sales :D.

More info: http://graphicriver.net/make_money/affiliate_program

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@ chrisatlemon

I perfectly understand you Chris and, in a market like this, that’s normal. Few archives = less chances to find you, and that fact is proportional to the number of sales.

As Sherman Jackson says: the more files you have, the more people will find you and more possibility of sales you will have, even in your older files.

On the other hand, external promotion is important but not decisive. For example, here in Envato are many authors who haven’t external social networks and, on the contrary, have amount of sales. 8-)

So, personally, I think the most important is to design excellent products, taking care of its quality and details and, with patience, you’ll see your sales will increase in proportion to the growth of your portfolio.

¡¡Ánimos y buena suerte!! ;)

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The trend for having lower views over time is normal, especially on seasonal items and on a portfolio that is not constantly growing. It has nothing to do with the Envato system – they have very good SEO .

There are items being added everyday so older items sometimes get less views. You can keep the views higher by, as shermanjackson said, marketing your items outside of Envato e.g.. StumbleUpon (one of the best places) Google+, Facebook, Twitter or a personal blog (second best place) etc.Try to add an item or more each week to your portfolio (most important) – this will keep a constant flow of traffic to your portfolio and older items. You can also use tag updates, example if you did a flyer that was Summer based, but now you are in Spring, try changing up the keywords for the current season with spring keywords – just leave your major tags untouched.

Always use the maximum tags for each item – people are always searching for something – maximum tags = maximum potential for exposure.

A friend of mine asked me today, “why when I do a search for flyers in google, your stuff always show up? :) Answer; for all the reasons above and the excellent SEO of the Envato sites.

If your views are dropping, the sales drop too. Instead of getting a drip of sales and views, you can get a flow of sales with extra marketing. Your income can increase also if you use your referral links while marketing (very important) – External views are sometimes even better for me – if they view, click and purchase through my referral campaigns – I can actually make more money than selling an item in my portfolio :)

Hope that help. Good luck with future views and sales