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Hi There, I have a theme framework which makes wordpress into a more dynamic system entirely, it’s been used on some big and pretty groundbreaking sites (.. sorry for the brag just trying to avoid any ‘we dont like experimental engines’ type assumptions). The big question is that it substantially changes the default wordpress template hierarchy.

It still resides in the themes folder and is fully compliant with WP and plays nice with plugins.

Question: Would this be a black mark against it’s acceptance?

Thanks very much!!

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Do any staff ever monitor these forums?

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They do, but generally seem to be poised and ready to slap down folks to break rules rather than answer stuff like this

Id say, submit it and see :)

Worse case scenario you get a no, but unlike this post, you should at least find out one way or another and perhaps update this post with the outcome in case anyone is in a similar conundrum

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Why not accepting it? I don’t see any reason. The key part is to be good and be presented in a way that eventual clients understand why is worth using it.

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Thanks for the responses!

The problem I have is that I’m a very long time PHP dev (over 10 years) and have done a few wordpress sites but get quite frustrated with not having a lot of the more powerful features to hand which I usually like to use (Cache/Rest/Backbone/Compass/Sass etc) when I build custom platforms. I know there’s all kinds of plugins to hack this stuff into place but I’d rather not do it like this. I have pretty heavyweight framework which I’m in the process of trimming down and bridging into WP as a theme framework for me to use and perhaps even open-source.

My initial thoughts were to perhaps subsidise my efforts by porting through some pretty wild experimental sites I’ve got stored which previously wouldn’t have been easily possible in wordpress hopefully adding a few pennies to my kitty to balance out the time invested.

These would be my first themes on TF but they really wouldn’t follow the usual theme structures. I’m just keen to find out if it’s basically a non starter as I’ve read the theme submission rules which seem to suggest that non-standard stuff might be case for refusal.

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Envato team

While I hope we’re not just good for slapping hands :P, the reviewers are the ones that are really trained to evaluate this. You can certainly send in a Support ticket and they’ll forward it on to the best person who can answer your question. Thanks!

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