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patisss says


I would like to find out more about your first themeforest design. Well I have two items in my portfolio, which are currently best I’ve created. Rest were just brutally rejected. I’m bad at designing, but I’m good at programming and stuff like that. Well basically, I would easily make Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML websites, but it would be mess for me to make a good design. Each time I try to make something bigger (blog or anything else), it ends up with nothing good. I can’t combine colors, I make design look outdated and not premium (like in start of 21st century). Is there any suggestions for me to start make better designs? What should I do, and how did you made your first theme for themeforest? Also, when you made your first theme, were you also in same position, like I’m currently am?



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fusionLabMumbai says


You can read some books related to designs, follow inspiration websites for designs also follow people who create heart touching design.

Best of luck!!!!!!

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Themico says

I have the same problem – designing is hard for me and takes a lot of time. But you can improve your skills by:

- reading about design principles (very simple and my favorite book – The Non Designers Design Book, webdesign.tutsplus.com)

- learn photoshop

- follow inspiration websites

- practicing and experimenting a lot.

The only theme in my portfolio was rejected 4 or 5 times before it was accepted and everytime because of design problems. And if you compare first and accepted versions – there is very big difference.

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DryThemes says

Learning Photoshop is not that hard. Photoshop have like million options and fx combination, but you don’t need them all. Basics can do the trick.
The hardest part goes after you learned Photoshop – somebody calls that “experience”. And it takes time. Lots of time spending on designing web sites. Forms, color matching, white space adding, etc… But it’s crucial that you don’t give up! Never give up!

But, you can always find a partner with good skills and split the profit :)