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JeffreyWay says

As with anything, the key is to stand out. For example, the ThemeForest blog has more subscribers than many other Envato sites. The reason is because I focused on something that other blogs weren’t doing: video tutorials. So I recommend that you do the same for your review site. Find your niche.

When I was a little kid and would enter coloring contests, my mom would always say, “You’ll have to do more than color inside the lines to win!”. Very good advice.

That’s the best help I can offer.

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lawhater says

Thanks Jeffrey and everyone who helped. I already have something that will set me apart. Now I do not know whether I should use wordpress, A CMS or an HTML site. I want to have a portal kinda thing where a user can have my site Account. They can download freewares, have forums .I want to link the forums member system into the site how can I do that? I seen that on Techspot.com. When one signs up on the forums, they can login to the site from the main page also. I was also wondering what they are using. I think they are using a CMS but I cannot find which one. Does anyone know what?