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Orbital_Themes says

I was wondering, if and how do you guys do sticky footers in WordPress themes?

the only sticky footer method that I know of is this one, but it requires to pre-set the footer height. Now, given that WP theme users will put any kind of content in footers / various logo sizes etc., the above method won’t work.

How do you do this?

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FranklinM2 says

I’ve been looking for something similar myself and so far have’t found anything that can handle dynamic footer heights. Am still looking and experimenting. If I find something I’ll share.

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WPExplorer says

If you want to follow the example on that link but require it to be more dynamic, then set the value of your elements with jquery.

var footerHeight = $('.footer').outerHeight();
$('.wrapper').css({ marginBottom: -footerHeight });
$('.footer, .push').css({height: footerHeight });