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tosaca says


I can’t get the slideshow working in strinking theme. www.fincalanouer.com, what is happening?


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charlie4282 says

Read the documentation that came with the download it will almost certainly be covered in there. If you cannot solve the problem from that then try emailing the author of the theme, and they will most likely help you.

Good luck

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kaptinlin says


As you purchaser please go to Striking support forum at:


register (which take 30 seconds) and we help you. You get free support when purchase theme. Link to forum on Striking homepage and it tell you right there to register at forum for help.

Most common mistakes:
- user forget to give slider post a post title
- user forget to give slider post a featured image
- user forget to set number of slides for slideshow (yes, true, they leave at zero and expect slides to show up)
- user assign wrong slider category to slidershow (yes, again true, many time, groan!)

We very happy to help. So please go to forum.

Best Regards

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fdhodge says

I cannot subscribe to kaptilin – it sya I need to add purchase number but it doesnt allow this. I cannot add youtube video to slider on striking theme – I have followed tutorial and added new item and relevant code but it does not show. Please can you help.