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the2bc says

Hi beautiful freelancers,

I need your help with a non-profit website, The target is that we need it a one-page based website, Horizontal navigation and it must be compatible for pc & smartphones, tablets. It should be like this website for example:- http://es-ca-pade.com/

Same number of pages and same dynamic but another content for sure! We have the design we only need you to build and code it.

To give you an idea about the purpose, It’s about supporting small businesses owners, So like if you are a business owner and need support, You enter the website and navigate to the submition form, And put your needs, why you need it, your name etc…

Got it?

Thanks a lot appreciate your help. 

Skills required: Css

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KBRmedia says

Are you going to pay the coder? If so I suggest you just browse Themeforest and choose a template that matches your need (it will cost you less). They have plenty of awesome one page template :).


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snaz3d says


I’m interested in handling this for you! If you’re interested just drop me an e-mail via my contact form and we can discuss further!

Best Regards, Dorian