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bunceboy says

Hello there! I’m doing some work for a friend (a performance artist) who wants me to create a wordpress-based website for her work.

The one problem: she’s given me this three-sided border she wants to use for the site.

Here’s a link to the border.

So the instantly forseeable problem is that the border can’t be dynamic: you’ve automatically got a fixed width site (right?). Which mightn’t be a problem for her, like this HTML site for another artist here. Any recommendations for a theme that I could customise so that the text stayed firmly within the background image’s parameters?

The other option – which I’d prefer – is if I could convince her that I’d splice the border into two, and have each half ‘grab’ to each side, maybe like this fella. Again, any recommendations for a theme that’d do that?

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KrownThemes says

Any theme can do that with a bit of css tweaking..