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LightLotusProduction says

I just want to see them better the usage of that revenue to create a site that displays continuous improvement. Fix the license and search issues please. And maybe raise base prices too. It is about time.

Not to take anything away from the Elites. you guys do add a lot to the site. You are assets to AJ.

But we all could benefit from a better AJ as a whole.
I agree. Percentage for new authors are fine, maybe they should just lower a bit and tune better the sales volume required to go to the next percentage value.

Tim has a point too when he talks about an increase of the percentage for those who has large sales volume.

Problems should be fixed as soon as possible and improvements should be made often, based on sellers and buyers suggestions in particular. I also think there is a need to raise the the base prices, not too much but if they tuned them a bit it would be much better as authors would be better recognized for their hard work.