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Hello. I would like to know how it works, because i bought a theme and now i´m in need for support. Is there some live chat for this ?


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DzincStudio says

Hi Fernanda, authors are not required to offer support, but most do. Those who choose to will outline how you should contact them on their profile page, in the item description or in the comments.

Tell us what theme you’ve purchased and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

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infuse01 says

Hello Fernanda,

the best way to get started is the actual item page where you have purchased the item in question. You should see a tab “comments” above the preview image where you can usually post your questions.

But be aware: Some authors use a custom support forum and provide help only via this forum.

Also you can have a look in the documentation which is bundled to your item you’ve purchased. Usually there are some detailed instructions on how to get support for this specific item.

All the best and good Luck

Edit: Great, DzincStudio was once again faster than me :D