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explora says


I have to withdraw money to my BBVA account via SWIFT transfer… but I have a little doubt… the maximum length for the bank name is 30 characters, however my full bank name is BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA URUGUAY S.A., which is about 44 characters… did you ever have a similar problem? What should I put in the “BANK NAME IN FULL” field?


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Aether-Themes says

I have the same issue as well – would love to know if someone had a similar experience and what they typed in actually.

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Dzinc Staff says

Hi explora, apparently the 30 characters is a payment gateway limitation. Simply input the bank name until it reaches the limit. Bear in mind that as long as your actual IBAN/SWIFT code (which is used to identify the bank) and additional information are accurate, you should be fine.