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Hello guys.I want to share my experience in this case too because after my first year here i was using only PayPal,but with 500$ limit per day and 2.50$ fee for each 500$ until i transfer all my salary.
I was ok with their 2.50$ fee actually,but the main thing to stop use PayPal was because the paypal’s withdraw time for transfer in my country,from my PayPal to my bank account and credit card was 5 to 7 working days,which many times was more than 7,8 or even 9 days.And that,in case when the withdraw to US was and i think still is,is just 2 to 3 business days.After i have called to the Paypal support,turns out that it is absolutely their politic and there is absolutely no delay from my Bank.I have caled second time with the question how can i lift up my daily limitor how i can make my transactions go faster to my Country.And then,God know why,from the support told me that i have to change my account to Business Acount for which ineeded to provide scaned images of some home bills with my name and addres which had to be the same like my account info.Also same mages from my Passport ID and Driver Licence.So i did allthat and upload all to Paypal with the request for updating toBusiness Account,which was approved after few days and it was writing already in my homepage Bussiness Account.But in the next withdraw,i have try to withdraw 1000$ than 500$ cuz from the support told me that it willbe lifted to 2000$ per day.Unfortunately i was unaible to withdraw to my bank more than 500$ again and they again came after 6 or 7 days,like usualy.And then the real funny thing was after i have caled second time to their help and support center,where i have talk with other person who told me that this Business Account change doesn’t change absolutely my limit and that the right thing to dois to fill some forms in a link which he gave me and which form was asking so personal and creasy things like:my parrents fullnames,again their ID’s on Jpeg’s,whattheywork,how much moneytheyearn per month,where they have study as well as where i have been study.Do we have appartments,cars or other properties…...etc,just creasy.So,even it was to weird for me and sure that they don’t have so much rights to ask me for such personal information,even that i have filled to form which was just locked for me.The sistem is showing me that all fields are ok,but when i press submit,the system is telling me there is Error: 38957328(for example) .I have more than 20,30 times for one week from my PC and few times from other 3 PC’s of my friends.i am calling again of course and after their check of the form,they are telling me that all its fine andthe problem its from my side.And even though i told them ihave try all and all its fine from me,their answer was every time in the next two months “Check after few days”.So,after i got tired of them and igot some infothat im not the only from my country thathave this problem i just stoped transfering my VH earnings to PayPal and tried SWIFT which came from the first time,exactly on time,all was looking fine untl i was notice in the third monththat i am charged not only 35$,but somewhere around 55$,sometimes 60$ or even 65$.Which mean that 20-30 or more dolars,not the 35$ which is the Envato Bank fee,are just dissapearing somewhere in the road until they came here.After i spoke with probably more than 20 people from my Bank,from different posts,knowledge,experience etc.. nobodycouldn’t told me where they does and that my bank doesn’t get even a dolar tax because it’s already payed from these 35$.Threre was only one man,who gave me some information with some sence init but its still not mentione that we willbe charged twice these 35$ and not only 35$ like its said.So he said me that some corespondential banks between Australia and my country are taking taxes.Butthis is not stated nowhere here or in our banks or bills.They just dissapear! So,there are already 4 years ido SWIFT every month and iam charged this almost double transaction fee.And on top of that i notice that even doesn’t depend on the transfer amount,on thatif it’s bigger or smaller.4 years,almost fifty months.50 X 20 to 30$ every month,let say 50X25$ =1250$ which still nobody already 4 years can’t tell me.What can i do?Nothing.This is happen and it will continue to happen every other month with SWIFT for me.And i can’t change it because it’s unfortunately the best choice for transfer to my country already few years,without any changes!

Maybe there will be some answers in this thread for these of us,to which is that happen to.After allthere is no explanation,no documents,bills or any proof for these extra fees and corespondential banks to which banks they also can’t give me any Bank Names,Country…..just nothing,no proofand you can do nothing!

I kind a agree that it’s not so much and it’s not that such a problem.But if you count with years,you see one not small amount at all,especialy for countryes lke mine and such iconomic.But there is something else than just these dolars.There is something wrong and can’t be gaved real and legal answer for that so much years! I really hope that someone will came out with a real document,proof why is that happen,where are charging these extras and after all,why should be like that when Envato already pay enough for such transaction and i am totaly ok with this fee amount.But i kind a realy want to know why is that happen and not only to me as i read! Thanks guys!


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