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Hi there, just wondering out loud if it’s allowed to leverage the verification system as a method of gifts / bonuses to customers who buy our items?

For ex: Writing on your item page that “Contact me through profile page incase you’ve purchased a template and I’ll buy you a brand new car + house in the caribbean”

and this way you get to buy all your clients cars and houses AFTER verifying them?

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On a $8 item, you may go broke.

Im not sure there is anything wrong with incentivizing buyers to verify.

Most authors state, for support goto our forum..blah and they need to confirm verification.

So its pretty similar, not sure if you could state, by buying and verifying this purchase, we will send youextended version of xyz

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I think a few people got banned for this back then. but you never know , they let people take your items and resell them with out a problem. so you never know try contacting support