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lachax says

Hi there. I need to buy a template for a website and also for a project in phonegap.

But I can export a template to phonegap?

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charlie4282 says

There would be no way of knowing without buying the file, making all necessary changes and trying it.

Have you used phonegap before? While it does what it says on the Tin quite well it (like other Adobe products like muse) is a corner cutting simplified alternative to the proper thing and these always come with their issues.

Obviously it comes down to what you need to achieve but all phonegap does is essentially wrap your regular web project in a native app. This tends not to look very ‘mobile optimised’ and more like a responsive website loaded in a different way. If there are any extended functionality or that which requires native phone features e.g. The camera etc. then there are some plugins but most likely you will need to be able to scrip your own integration.

Bottom line is that on paper most HTML templates here will initially be able to be imported but weather it will work depends on so many variables to do with how it is put together etc. And even if it does import do not assume you will be good to go straight off.

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webdesignerart says

PhoneGap temlate system is different, you will have lots of UX issues after implementation. Simply you need to make/buy themes that use hammer.js/touchswip.js libraries.