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struisje says

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a good template to start a website for a neighborhood commitee. I’ve been browsing through the templates but haven’t found anything that ticks all the boxes. If anyone can point me to a good wordpress template it would be appreciated.

Here’s some more info:
  • ability to post news and articles (your basic blog)
  • ability to post events
  • we need to be able to rent out one of our two venues where people can have parties, weddings, meetings,.... (built in or maybe a good plugin to do so).
  • We would like to have some sort of registration system where neighbors can sign up for events. eg; every year we have a Santa Clause doing house visits to the children in the neighborhood. It would be nice if people can sign up, pick a date and send some information about their children (names, ages, if they’ve been good or bad,...)
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uziiuzair says

I want Santa to visit me too :( Ill see I can do about your template, email on hayatuzair@gmail.com