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Shoomury says

Hi all

I want this template to be clean and simple. This is what I got from reviewer:

“The overall design quality of your submission does not meet our standard requirements and should only be resubmitted after being significantly improved. Please browse our current library for examples of the quality levels we’re currently seeking. Please note that resubmitting without improvements violates our review process and may lead to authorship suspension.”

There are some more skins in template settings you can play with.

I have no idea where to start with to improve this template. Please give me some feedback.

Here’s the link: Link to demo


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pebas says

Without any offense it’s quite generic. Seems like you used bootstrap and trow content and few buttons inside it and that’s it. That can’t pass standards.

Overall need more imagination, more spacing between elements, drop down improvements…isn’t good enough to change colors of existing elements on bootstrap and just like that pass standards.

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tidaltides says

I agree. This is the type of design I see every single day from anyone.