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NovikovDesign says

Hey there,

i want to buy a template with login section with exclusiv material, like: videos, pdf pictures etc. User must pay with paylpal or other to get a login to the exclusiv content page. payment can be day, monthly or year.

do you know some templtes with this feature?


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charlie4282 says

That is too much of a e specialised bespoke feature to be in a stock theme although there are plugins that can handle it probably. For a site like that using a theme from here you will need an extended license which will be hundreds if not thousands if $ and given the security requirements you would probably do better to have it hand code by a freelancer

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PrimaThemes says

What you need is a membership WordPress plugin on the first place, not a WordPress theme. There any many membership WordPress plugins that exists, for example, S2Member where you can download the free version on this http://wordpress.org/plugins/s2member/ page.

Then after that, you can search a nice looking WordPress theme that support your chosen membership plugin.