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Spiv says

I’d like to bring this thread back up,...it’s started by my favorite AD authors and I’m sad to see this trend in AD sales going down also.

Although as a buyer, you might be somehow happy to see few sales, as the website would stand out more and the buyer doesn’t have to fear too much likely sites on the www…this doesn’t apply for me, as I look more into the coding and design flexibility. I change the looks completely. I’m pretty much able to integrate other modules…and what I can’t do I outsource.

I actually think that a big part of the buyers are developers and webdesigners with low budget clients, still wanting to give them something worthy without the need of putting too much time into it. I can’t be the only one. Especially seeing the amount of buyers of “complex” templates and lower ratio support seekers strengthen my opinion.

I honestly can say you wouldn’t recognize P&K sites that I made with them templates :) And that’s what I’m exactly looking for in a template. Ease of changebility.

As for AS3 /AS2: I’ve just bought an AS3 template that I loved for it’s simplicity and it looked easily editable, but as a designer, the AS3 code is making it for the designer a tough life. Simple things take me ages to figure out. As where I found a nice integration with design and code in AS2 , now I have to look into a zillion of AS files to find that one little thing I’m looking for.

My opinion is also, like some brought up, the raise of tablets, Apple’s war against Flash, etc…bringing down the demand. No coincidence that sales went down after Jobs launched it’s tablets and declared war on Flash? Sad, but true.

I do highly encourage top AD authors to continue, as I would also be forced to go look elsewhere to satisfy a certain segment of my clients.

The key lies in sensitive things for a user end; html alternative/mobile compatible

Make Flash websites with a simple mobile/html output generated from the xml data, so you make both worlds happy. For instance Bilbo_b his flashblog, but turn it into a more flexible item. Imply all usability items, such as mousewheel, swffit, deeplinking and SEO datasource.php

I thought bilbo_b his flasblog was anawesome initiative, unfortunately the site itself has no use for flash. People aren’t waiting for flashblogs, they’ve been proven not to work. Why use flash if WP can do so much more? But still, bilbo_b his flashblog made sales, probably just for the sake of having that mobile output.

Making flexible flash websites with a html/mobile compatible output should see future and sales in my opinion.

My 2 cents as a buyer ;)


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CreatingDrew says

This is 3 months old and the above is way off the original topic of being held by the review team. Locking.