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Devilcantburn says

Hello People of Envato’s world !

i just open this thread to only say one thing:

All my apologies for my so bad support during these 2 (3, 4) last months…. i was like… busy!... VERY BUSY! and i didnt get any time to do the things right here on Themeforest…

i know i missed many buyers questions and some of them can think i just “selected” my answers to the quick and easier of them…. but it’s just … all my regrets!...

So! i’m back and if you still need my support on my themes.. just post your comment on item discussion ;)

Thanks guys for all! Julian

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Ivor Envato team says

Moved to TF Off Topic

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VF says

You can add the same message on item description or comment section :D

I doubt if atleast one of your buyer reads this on forums.