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YasenSlavov says
Good idea but what would be REALY cool is keep everything like it is but make it so people can arrange the homepage themselves – like bbc.co.uk – then those who don’t want the entire top of the screen taken up with author followers and blog intro can move it down or simply remove it – now that would be options! :)
I have to say, I’m a sucker for options and I like this idea! :-)


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john says
Hate to be a pain in the butt but you said 3 months of redesign when we have been repeatedly told 6 months and even the front page says 6 months ;) The new row on the homepage makes up for it though!

It was probably 3 months for the design itself and another 3 months for the rest of the development.

- -

I think it would be kinda nice to have an option somewhere to set the number of rows (up to a max) on the home page. Maybe that’s silly but I like options, lol. ;-)

It pretty much went down like that. I can’t remember the specifics but I think it was 6 months or so ago that Collis started playing with photoshop, maybe 4 months ago that Stu started the carve ups, and then the last 2-3 months doing a lot of the supporting back end work.

The toughest part wasn’t just adding the features, it was adding them while trying to make the site faster. The average request time for each page in the new design is down around 40% which is a pretty significant margin.

The same way that Collis left visual space for the site to grow, we had to leave space in the underlying infrastructure to start making room for new features. For us, the new design is a very solid base to continue extending the marketplaces in new directions – visually and technically.

Plus there’s loads of sneaky unmentioned features – like JSONP support in the API – that we haven’t yet written docs up for ;-)

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LGLab says

I have to say I’m already getting used to the new design and i like it more everytime I login. Of course there were a couple of things I would have liked to see straight away but I’m sure they’ll be added shortly, and a third row for the recent items is most welcomed (a fourth maybe? :-D) haha…anyways, there has obviously been a lot of work going on this and I really like the new options so far, as I said in an early post, this is just a new born baby, with certainly the capacity to grow very big.

Well done guys ;-)

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Chuckanucka says

JSONP support sounds cool, but where has the api forum gone !?