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Crusader12 Envato team says

Not a good idea to talk about that kind of files here, but anyway here you are: https://github.com/JeffreyWay/Envato-Marketplace-API-Wrapper-in-PHP

Thanks! I was actually just reading this, I’m a fan of Jeffery Way.

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@duotive We are working on 3 themes and 1 plugin now but everything is still in works. We are now focusing mainly on the framework and re-thinking our approach and customer experience as that’s what we would like to focus on much more in the future. So I am not sure if our new ideas will be what you were expecting but I really like that you enjoy our work. Your work is also among my top favorites if I may say, without trying to be polite.

@Crusader12 That’s our temporary forum which I am deeply ashamed off so we try not to talk about it. But it works for now, as a temporary solution. We have about 50% done of our new forums which are done from scratch as we weren’t able to find a product that suits our needs. That place should be our pride once finally deployed with all the features – it won’t be just a forum, it will be a support center, a one-stop experience turning frustrated people into a happy people :)

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dtbaker Moderator says

I think we’re going to shut down our support forum soon (doesn’t suit our needs, and it’s a full time job to check and track responses, some people have used it to help eachother out which is nice – but not as many as I had hoped).

I’m going to put more effort into our email ticketing support system (I like been able to reply to support questions straight from my email client on my mobile phone wherever I am) and building a better FAQ database (and copying our FAQ entries into the item FAQ pages).

I’m also thinking about offering a Paid Email Support channel – I have had a lot of buyers mention they would not mind paying for priority support (because the items are priced so low and they’re charging their customers much more). Priority support would simply move the user to the front of the “free support” email queue.

Of course I will have to list examples of what I can answer under Paid Support – eg: Will answer: Help me upload my theme Won’t answer: Re-design this totally to suit my customer


todo: convince my wife to design me a better support website :P

I’m also trying to put a big “Don’t post support questions here” post at the top of all my item comment pages, directing users to email support. It’s going nicely.

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TylerQuinn says

I agree with @duotive in that comments should not be the place to provide support. It is for feedback on the item and as a buyer I would see a the current comment pages as a headache.

It would be nice if there was some encouragement or guidelines that commenting should be on a feedback only basis, and to contact authors be it directly or an outside ticketing system for support.

@dtbaker I took a look that is a great idea! Will it pass with the moderators if other authors started doing it, and what happens if someone reports it?

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mordauk says

I’m providing all of my support through a bbPress forum and (now) a Ticksy subscription. It’s working really, really well at the moment.

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sevenspark Moderator says

I’ve been using the AuthorHQ WordPress plugin (available on CodeCanyon). It’s working well for me so far. :)

I like it a lot better than email support, which can quickly get out of hand with users who enjoy changing subject lines in every email, and there is less of an expectation of real-time support, so things are handled more efficiently (from my perspective at least). Plus, the forum allows me to have a support team with individual accounts (eventually), and is searchable (which will hopefully cut down on support requests in the long run).

I do worry about the wide variety of support options that are cropping up, and I think it’d be nice to have this unified for users in the future. But like notahat said, no solution will be perfect for everyone.

But I totally agree with freshface regarding the standard “Get Support” button (there is more discussion in that thread, for your reference).

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duotive says

@freshface – oh my god! three themes?!! :)) can’t wait to see them. good luck with the development and the customer experience, that we also have changed in our new theme :D

@dtbaker – i do not think that starting a paid support system is a good idea, because it will drive your customers away. this will work if everybody would implement that, and there will be no big differences: this author asks us for $10 to solve issues we got with his theme, and this one does it for free! why should i pay to fix this theme?! – that will be the main idea in 90% of the customers. At least that is how i see it. They will the the problems that they have as the theme’s fault, and not something that the theme was not created for.

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flashedge says

I don’t know your buyers, but some of mine sure are crazy. It’s a pain to assist them especially if you do it for free. I could not imagine to setup a forum, to moderate it, and follow everything. It’s time consuming and not worth in the end.

No offence for anybody but when you buy an item you don’t get a monkey-proof assistant to explain everything you’re supposed to know already.

Paid support should be something to consider.

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duotive says

So you think that keeping track of comments and related emails is easier. I do not. A forum is always better. Some may want crazy changes or have weird ideas, but because of your customers you are here, so keep that in mind when dealing with them ;)

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UKFilmFestivals says

I believe that after-sales support is as important as the sale itself.

It has always been tha case that word-of-mouth has always been the best form of advertising, and this is even more the case online. It is also true that an unhappy customer will always tell many more people how bad something is.

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