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cdutson says
  • Christmas message:
    Merry Christmas to authors and customers and everyone else alike! Best wishes for the new year!
  • Favorite Christmas song(s) :
    Anything on “Chillout Christmas”. It’s so relaxing
  • Favorite Christmas movie(s): A Christmas Story! Red Rider BB Gun FTW .
  • What you Want for Christmas: A happy family time this Christmas! That or a free plane ticket to London England post-dated for late April :P
  • Favorite Christmas Present Ever:
    My families first computer. I was five, and it forever ruined any chance of me not being a nerd.
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Enabled Volunteer moderator says
The marketplaces are already starting to get full of Christmas audio, graphics, intros, animations and videos, so I think it’s safe to say Christmas is on its way! We need to kick-off the Christmas season with an official Christmas thread. Cut and paste the following template and post your personal response!
  • Christmas message:
    Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for all your support in time of need
  • Favorite Christmas song(s) :
    Can’t say I have one…
  • Favorite Christmas movie(s):
    Love Actually Home alone…that’s a classic… saw it a million times it’s still nice!
  • What you Want for Christmas:
    Engagement :D … shhhh :P that’s a secret :D
  • Favorite Christmas Present Ever:
    hmmm… A adobe masterpack… cs3 and cs4, maybe cs5 too … sell the first two keep the last :D haha oh yeah, and MSFX ’s password :D