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When we received our first rejection on a theme that had 5 months of work put into it a couple of weeks back, we were given the same reason. Fair enough it followed a similar pattern but seriously how can you make a website built on a 12 column grid system customisable, modular and look different without looking too different? The biggest slap in the face was other themes approved on the same day and days after that which looked basically the same. And on-top of that, Woothemes getting 40+ themes approved which may have been impressive from a backend perspective but looked extremely outdated. Our theme had a custom modular page widget system built for it but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

Don’t feel so hard done by man, we know how you feel. There seems to be a lot of hard rejections like this of late, it’s not just you or I.

update.. My design was turned down because of ” It looks like everything else uploaded lately , we have to draw the line somewhere” and yet a few days later..A recent added item, exactly like mine..different colors…but accepted..dont worry themeforest reviewer, Ill stay in codecanyon…
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My first item got hard rejected. I made big changes but it again got hard rejected. I ended that template at that point.

Then I created another one, got a soft reject, and one soft again and my first file approved.

I am not so active on forums. I don’t know any reviewer team member personally.

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Look at it this way: if it’s rejected, it probably need some kind of improvement.

Or first themes were rejected many times, the very first one never seing the light of day. But then, you realize you’re improving and your designs more polished. In the eyes of a reviewers, it’s really up to whether they’ll sell or not.

I do think the case with WooThemes is special though. They’re firmly established, have a great reputation, and regardless of whether their designs are a bit outdated Themeforest knows they will sell.

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I’ve only 7 forum posts :)

Every author on Envato can understand how frustrating it is, when we receive rejection. Its natural to feel angry especially for the reviewer who has rejected our item, as we think ‘my item was worth to accept’.

From my own experience, after 5min we start finding out the mistakes we had done with the template. Considering soft rejection in particular (*not praising reviewers, so they will start accepting all my upcoming uploads ;) ) soft rejection details are always helpful to improve our work.

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Rejection is never easy, and sometimes its easier to point fingers. But the next time it happens, do it in the mirror.

Jokes.. but seriously “being rejected” here means this: the reviewer is really saying “hey man I think you should make this better, and not go on sale yet, we want your file to do really well so you can have many happy sales forever and ever mmmmkay” Nothing personal, in fact they have your best interests at heart. I’ve had 1 out of 3 themes rejected, it happens – no mistakes only lessons, the circle of life, hakuna matata, I have a dream etc


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