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Realstar says

Hi guys!   I just went to your profile and I saw a comment on one of my products (brochure). User complains that I did not include the inner side of the brochure. It is obvious that he appreciated the goods is not higher than 2 stars) In fact, everything is normal. I just hid one side. Is that so hard to understand? No need to have a good knowledge photoshop to guess! And what do I do now? The item is correct, but the user has left a terrible commentary certainly has put a terrible rating = lower sales. I’m not guilty! :) I’s active and attached to comment this picture here. http://i.imgur.com/GcaRUMP.jpg What do you think about all this?

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Creattive says

Leave a friendly reply to the buyer, maybe add the screenshot you posted here to make things clearer.

Don’t freak out by getting low ratings, stay calm and act friendly. This makes you look serious and professional and many buyers will consider that more than one 2 star rating.